RedSun Raisins is proud to be located in Keimoes, a lush,green oasis 40km Southwest of Upington on the Orange River. At Keimoes, the Orange River widens to flow among more than 120 islands most of which are covered by rich, fertile soils, deposited by the River over millions of years. It is on these islands, within the Orange River that the long established tradition of producing raisins in South Africa was started.

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Raisin farmers in this region have a proud tradition of making raisins from grapes that are grown in the ideal climatic conditions which occur in the Kalahari, one of our driest regions. Minimal average annual rainfall of 180 mm per year, which occurs mainly during February and March, ensure that the tender grapes are not damaged by rain. However, plentiful irrigation is available from the mighty Orange River to ensure fertile growth of the vineyards. Many water channels, the first of which was completed in 1883, irrigate the vast expanse of vineyards. In Keimoes there is an old water wheel still functioning in the traditional way, leading water from the River to the vineyards.

Orange river