Continuous quality checks on final product are taken from final Sorting lines (at least 20 samples per container depending on the product) and from a random box (20 boxes per container). These samples are analyzed for :

• Incorrect texture
• Blemishes
• Crystallized berries
• Damaged berries
• Stem based damage
• Floaters
• Cap stems
• Berry stalks
• Extraneous vegetable material

The end product must comply with RedSun Raisins specifications and the Department of Agriculture’s Export Standards for Raisins.

Non-complying product is reported to Quality Manager and Shift Manager who has to initiate appropriate corrective action. All samples must be kept for inspection by the PPECB. Sorting line samples are kept as retention samples representing a specific container.

The retention sample is tested for the presence of Ochratoxins. Golden raisins are tested for Suphur Dioxide content.