Keimoes, Northern Cape | South Africa

Redsun Raisins Processing Facility

Line Phases

      • Phase 1
        Receiving and storage 
      • Phase 2
        Mechanical Dry Cleaning 
      • Phase 3
      • Phase 4
      • Phase 5

The Process Line

Receiving and Storage
Bins with raisins are brought in by Redsun or private trucks, each bin gets chipped to ensure traceability. A long procedure of thorough testing, inspections, analysis and grading are then done on the raw materials. Throughout this phase, raisins are stored in wooden bins at ambient temperature in our regulated and secluded storage spaces.

Dry Processing
Bins are put on a bin tipper, where air cleaning takes place.  The cleaning process is where stems, small pieces of wood foreign maters organic and non organic are removed by in house specially designed and built machinery. Raisins then get sorted by size.

Controls insect infestations

Wet Processing (Washing Line)
A secondary more thorough cleaning process is done. The final cleaning is done by hand and the Raisins then get screened for any other irregularities. Oil is also added in this phase.

Packaging *Enclosed Area
After rigorous inspection the raisin is ready to be packed. Each and every carton box leaving the packing line is filled with raisins of consistent high quality